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Teamwork makes the dream work and at Oldham Murdock Properties we pull together with many different stakeholders to ensure that everyone reaches the success they desire. 

What's your goal? Are you looking for a great property to renovate for resale? Or, are you a growing landlord looking to add to your portfolio? Or perhaps you appreciate the world of real estate but prefer to participate as a private lender to realize your objectives. No matter how you'd like to participate we've learned that everyone wants to know they can trust one another and that all participants have the essential knowledge and integrity to bring about the desired success.

How we work. Surely, you can't truly know someone from the claims and flash of a website. Nor do we think we could know you from such a limited experience. Our approach is simple: we work exclusively with a limited number of investors -- Renovators, Landlords, and Private Lenders -- who share our vision and enthusiasm for investing in residential real estate transactions and have a specific area in which they like to invest. They have learned that knowledge and experience reduce risk and accelerates success -- and every deal fits a pre-determined criterion that is shared by the entire team.

Because of our very effective marketing programs, we’re able to get investment property deals in Baltimore that most other investors never even hear about. Additionally, we come across many distressed single family, multi-family, and foreclosure properties throughout Baltimore because of our relationships in the market and we secure those properties at substantial discounts.

And, when we secure a property you will know it's a fit for you because you set the criteria -- we execute. If you're interested in being a part of our team investing in real estate in Baltimore and we'd love to know you.

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